Dubstep Master and Rising Star Billy Van is Now Available on BitTorrent

A year ago, not many people knew much about dubstep. Now, this subgenre of electronic dance music is gracing the covers of major magazines, dominating the Grammy awards and giving birth to a plethora of young rising stars set to take over dance floors across the world. We happen to think one of those rising stars is Billy Van and we are happy to introduce his new EP “The Cardigan” to BitTorrent users today! Check out Billy Van’s Featured Content page here and download the “Cardigan” EP torrent directly here.

Our goal with the Spotlight Artist program is to connect you with quality entertainment and to help artists connect with new fans. It gives us pleasure to find artists that are on the cusp of popularity – coming into the music scene at the right moment ready to hit the tipping point. For Billy Van, the young producer with a masterful ear and knack for combining pop song mashups and distinct wobble base, we believe the tipping point is now.  We imagine the excitement to be working with such a rising star feeling something like finding Nero, Skrillex and Deadmau5 before the rest of the world knew who they were.

Billy Van has been quickly gaining popularity on the Internet and in the electronic music scene following his placement within the Tiesto Remix Contest, ranking in the Top 10 of the world. Since then, on the heels of the ever-growing popularity of dubstep in the United States, he has been producing tracks and releasing mashups that are technically flawless and a treat to listen to.

Billy Van said, “BitTorrent is an excellent platform for independent artists who are looking for alternative distribution of their music in order to gain fans and revenue through live shows and other avenues. This is the perfect platform for an up-and-coming dubstep producer like myself.”

BitTorrent’s chief strategist Shahi Ghanem said, “BitTorrent has always been about using our innovative technology to connect artists’ content to a massive audience using a revolutionary platform for self-distribution. We’re excited to be working with Billy Van to explore these alternative methods of distribution.”

Read more about Billy Van, download the “Cardigan” EP and check out his music videos on our Featured Content page here. Also make sure to like Billy Van on Facebook to receive updates on future releases and live shows.

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