Live Twitter Chat with Death Grips TODAY – Ask Away

The band posted 109 animated .gif files to their site. Visit to play all clips simultaneously (you’ve been warned).

There isn’t anything conventional about Death Grips, the experimental punk/hip-hop trio hailing from Sacramento. Since forming in late 2010, they’ve managed to capture the attention of fans, critics, and Epic Records with their incongruous yet wonderfully enthralling beats. The band will release not one but two albums this year, starting with The Money Store on April 21st, for Record Store Day (April 24th everywhere else), and No Love Follows, this fall, via Epic.

Earlier today, at 2:00 p.m., PST, BitTorrent had the opportunity to do a live chat on Twitter with the band and it went remarkably well. We replied, back and forth, until about 3:30 p.m., and we’re grateful for the time the band took out of its busy schedule (an hour-and-a-half is huge, especially before a performance) to answer questions submitted by fans.

If you missed the conversation or want a recap, visit this link. Below, you’ll find a more structured, chronological layout that’s a bit easier to follow. We’d also be remiss if we didn’t thank our participants for their thoughtful questions. Now we know the meaning of “noided,” which authors they read, and the types of music Death Grips likes besides their own. As a bonus, we also received some exclusive pics from the band before they took the stage at Coachella. Without further ado, as it could only be done on Twitter:

BT: @DeathGripz we’ve got some good questions. Ready to go? How is #Coachella treating you?

DG: @BitTorrent WE OUT HERE palm tree lean 2012

From @MattMason: @DeathGripz @BitTorrent Thanks for doing this! Excited to work with you guys, we’re big fans. How’s Coachella?

BT: @DeathGripz awesome. Are you excited to go onstage? I love Coachella. Wish I was there. Especially to see you guys at 5:30.

DG: @BitTorrent upside down on the jumbotron

Photo credit: Death Grips

BT: @DeathGripz awesome. We wish we were there with you guys. Coachella is such a great festival. So, are you ready for some fan questions?

DG: @BitTorrent bringitbringtbringit!!!!!!

BT: @DeathGripz You put on an amazing live show. What are some contemporary acts you’d love to see live? via @culturegrinder

BT: @DeathGripz BTW, we think @MattMason might be your biggest fan here. Are SMOKE BOMBS / HVLLA SVBS the two contemporary acts 2 see live?

DG: @BitTorrent @culturegrinder SNOOP DOGG DAFT PUNK

BT: @DeathGripz @culturegrinder good choices. I’ve seen both. @thePLAMPS wants to know: Will you ever play the song ‘Thru the Walls’ live?

DG: @BitTorrent @theplamps we will play ALL our material live

BT: @DeathGripz right on. This next q comes from Josh Lowen: Love Death Grips! What kind of music do they listen to on their own time?

DG: @BitTorrent energy music punk metal dub pop bounce

BT: @DeathGripz a pretty diverse, eclectic mix. So, from @istitch What’s good in Sacramento?

DG: @BitTorrent @istitch zeldas & FWC 916 .. tent life

BT: @DeathGripz This one’s from @newpleroma Do you guys read a lot of sci-fi and s–t like William Gibson?

DG: @BitTorrent @newpleroma greg egan on the major, isaac asimov, murakami, margaret atwood

BT: @DeathGripz @newpleroma Nice. Love Murakami, especially.@istitch has another Q: what do you hate about Coachella, what do you love?


Photo credit: Death Grips

BT: @DeathGripz nice shot. Personally, I love Instagram but Twitter’s solution works just as well too.

DG: @BitTorrent @newpleroma @istitch we love the sound system

DG: @BitTorrent MASSIVE (editor’s note: I think this is what they dislike)

BT: @DeathGripz Do @DeathGripz think they could ever transfer the intimacy of their live shows to bigger venues? from @thePLAMPS

DG: @BitTorrent @theplamps yes it’s coming

BT: @DeathGripz sooner than later, hopefully. From @istitch What do you think about the terms ‘noise rap’ and ‘punk rap’?

DG: @BitTorrent @istitch WE DON’T #bit accelerate destroy create ignore

DG: @BitTorrent NOIDED

BT: @DeathGripz can’t say we blame you. How did you come across the sample used at the end of the song ‘Culture Shock’ on Exmilitary?

DG: @BitTorrent “galactic federation of light” straight from the 5D

BT: @DeathGripz btw, while we’re on the topic, what is “noided” and how can I stay that way? via @culturegrinder

DG: @BitTorrent @culturegrinder paranoid. Stay out the middle of the road. Rewind. Endless

BT: @DeathGripz Good advice. Okay, we’ve got 2 more questions left. @PozPrincess would like to know if you’re ever coming to Ohio?

DG: @BitTorrent @pozprincess yes!! we’ll be there in September

BT: @DeathGripz @pozprincess will definitely be pleased. Final question from @newpleroma: What’s No Love gonna be like?

DG: @BitTorrent KVLL TIME GTG THANK YOU !!!! -death

BT: @DeathGripz Thank you guys. Good luck tonight at Coachella. Wish we could be there for your 5:30 set.

Death Grips will spend the next few months on tour, with stops at Coachella and London’s All Tomorrow’s Parties. Make sure you check them out in person, it’s a fantastic show:

  • 04/12 – Pomona, CA @ The Glass House
  • 04/13 – Indio, CA @ Coachella
  • 04/20 – Indio, CA @ Coachella
  • 05/05 – Sacramento, CA @ Sacramento Electronic Music Festival
  • 05/18 – Dublin, UK @ The Academy
  • 05/19 – Glasgow, UK @ Stag & Dagger
  • 05/20 – Manchester, UK @ The Roadhouse
  • 05/21 – Nottingham, UK @ The Bodega
05/22 – Norfolk, UK @ Norwich Arts Center
  • 05/23 – Brighton, UK @ Green Store Door
  • 05/25 – London, UK @ ATP’s “I’ll Be Your Mirror”
05/26 – Paris, FR @ Grande Hall de La Villette
  • 05/27 – Rotterdam, NL @ Worm
  • 05/28 – Amsterdam, NL @ OT301
  • 05/29 – Nijmegen, NL @ Merleyn
  • 06/01 – Barcelona, ES @ Primavera Sound
  • 06/02 – Barcelona, ES @ Field Day Festival
  • 06/04 – Brussels, BE @ Magasin
  • 06/05 – Gent, BE @ Charlatan
  • 06/06 – Cologne, DE @ Mtc
  • 06/07 – Berlin, DE @ Gretchen
  • 06/08 – Hamburg, DE @ Hafenklang
  • 06/09 – Porto, PT @ Optimus Primavera Sound
  • 06/12 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Barbery
  • 06/13 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
  • 06/14 – Boston, MA @ TT the Bear’s
  • 06/15 – Montreal, QC @ Club Lambri
  • 06/16 – Toronto, ON @ Wrong Bar
  • 06/18 – Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
  • 06/19 – Grand Rapids, MI @ The Pyramid Scheme
  • 06/20 – Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge
  • 06/21 – Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock
  • 09/21-23 – Asbury Park, NJ @ ATP’s “I’ll Be Your Mirror”

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