#crowchat Recap from our Twitterview with Counting Crows

In case you missed it, we chatted with Counting Crows’ frontman Adam Duritz for over 3 hours last week. With 70+ questions to sift through and tons of interaction from the band and fans, you better believe there was a lot to talk about. Read on to discover some of the highlights – courtesy of our new favorite social tool, Storify.

Counting Crows Partners with BitTorrent and Releases Exclusive Bundle

“If you got 150 million people on BitTorrent, then that’s the new radio station. That’s a better radio station in fact, because people have the choice to play it as much as they want and stop when they get sick of it.” - Adam Duritz

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On Monday, May 14th, at 10:00 a.m., PST, BitTorrent unleashed their exclusive Counting Crows Bundle to the world. 
Counting Crows Release Free Song Bundle on BitTorrent - Forbes2 days ago ... NEW YORK, NY - MAY 17: Singer Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows performs onstage at the 2011 Joyful Heart Foundation Gal...
Counting Crows: Don’t bribe radio, use BitTorrent https://gigaom.com/2012/05/14/counting-crows-free-torrent-release/Janko Roettgers
The response from tech media was encouraging.
Counting Crows Shares New Music on BitTorrent2 days ago ... The Counting Crows has released a slew of tracks from its latest album on the popular peer-to-peer file-sharing platform...
Download this, Mr. JonesCounting Crows takes to a new stage, having partnered with BitTorrent to distribute some of its latest songs for free. by Seth Rosenblatt...
BitTorrent is the New Radio, Says Counting Crows ... - TorrentFreak2 days ago ... Today the band releases four tracks from their new album for free on BitTorrent. Talking to TorrentFreak, Counting Crows...
The following day, we asked fans to participate in our Twitter Chat with Counting Crows and hashtagged it #crowchat. In the end, the event lasted 3 hours, produced 250+ tweets, reached over 1.4 million users, and received 3-million-plus impressions and counting.
If you could ask @CountingCrows a question in 140 characters or less, what would you say? Find out more here: https://su.pr/6ZbDoQ #crowchatBitTorrent Inc.
You know you have a question (or two) you'd like to ask @CountingCrows. So, what are you waiting for? Visit https://su.pr/6ZbDoQ for more details #countingcrows, #crowchat, #bittorrentutorrent
@countingcrows Hey Adam, how are you doing? Ready to go? #crowchatBitTorrent Inc.
This is what happened next. 
@BitTorrent Let me rephrase that: Sure #crowchatCounting Crows
@countingcrows from @Brooneyedgal The new album is amazin! would u consider doing a covers project again? @BitTorrent #crowchatBitTorrent Inc.
@BitTorrent @Brooneyedgal I always envisioned this as an endless record to be added to whenever we recorded another cover. #crowchatCounting Crows
@BitTorrent @Brooneyedgal The truth is there are so many great songs out there that we would never run out of inspiration #crowchatCounting Crows
@countingcrows What are your thoughts on the dissolution of R.E.M? How have they influenced your music? from @zapiekanki #crowchatBitTorrent Inc.
@BitTorrent @zapiekanki I grew up a huge fan. I loved REM. That said, everybody's gotta do what they gotta do. It's their call. #crowchatCounting Crows
@BitTorrent @zapiekanki Bands end. It happens. #crowchatCounting Crows
@countingcrows Adam, is it cathartic writing in such a personal way or does it make you over analyse things? @onthewireagain #crowchatBitTorrent Inc.
@BitTorrent @onthewireagain Neither really. It doesn't solve anything writing songs. Always thought a bad day when u wrote #crowchatCounting Crows
@BitTorrent @onthewireagain I just always thought a bad day when u wrote a song was better than one where you didn't. #crowchatCounting Crows
@countingcrows @Jaleman1991asks can you help me and my ex get back together by playing a song for her? Id be forever in your debt! #crowchatBitTorrent Inc.
@BitTorrent @Jaleman1991asks Don't you think it'd be better if you got back together for some other reason. #crowchatCounting Crows
@BitTorrent @Jaleman1991asks If that worked, me & my exes'd get back together every week #crowchatCounting Crows
So tell me Adam, was this year better than the last? https://bit.ly/KcKx3Y #crowchatdustin shey
@BitTorrent @Jaleman1991asks @indiequick Yes. And now I'm declaring a ceasefire on all semi-clever lyric based cutesy questiions #crowchatCounting Crows
@countingcrows fair enough From Jennifer Delgado how is your day to day life impacted when you are so open with your fans online? #crowchatBitTorrent Inc.
@BitTorrent I don't know that it is. People here in New York treat me pretty normal. #crowchatCounting Crows
@countingcrows From Stephen Sewell How did u come up w/ the name Counting Crows? Does it have a Native American/Indian influence? #crowchatBitTorrent Inc.
@BitTorrent No Stephen, it's just a line from a movie called Signs of Life. #crowchatCounting Crows
@BitTorrent I rarely go for hidden meanings. I'm not writing riddles. Mr. Jones is not my dick. He's a guy named Martin Jones #crowchatCounting Crows
The chat lasted over two hours. Adam talked to fans about everything from music to the majors to why he decided to work with BitTorrent.
@countingcrows #crowchat Ryan wants to know Were there any covers that you wanted to record for the new album (cont) https://tl.gd/he5jp9BitTorrent Inc.
@BitTorrent There a billion we didn't get around to. Didn't finish "Local Boy In A Photograph"-Stereophonics #crowchatCounting Crows
Also, there's no use in thinking about the past or what you would do differently......
@countingcrows Professionally, if you could start all over what would you change? #crowchat From Tina AyersBitTorrent Inc.
@BitTorrent I'd play Top of the Pops that 1st time. I was uncomfortable but it's their nat'l show. Other than that, I dunno... #crowchatCounting Crows
@BitTorrent What's the point in thinking about changing a life you already lived? I had my chances. I screwed up lots. I'll live. #crowchatCounting Crows
@BitTorrent We're an independent band now. Want to cement relationships build a network in the future, not the past #crowchatCounting Crows
Round here she's always on my mind / Round here I got lots of time / Round here we're never sent to bed early / Nobody makes us wait / Round here we stay up very very lateEduardo De Mauro
...or having regrets about leaving the record labels behind.
@countingcrows #crowchat from Kayla No TV promo for this album (late night, morning shows, etc)? Why, because (cont) https://tl.gd/he5h5sBitTorrent Inc.
@BitTorrent I made a decision to stay away from all the mainstream stuff at first and concentrate mostly on the bloggers #crowchatCounting Crows
Counting Crows at Newcastle #countingcrows #live #music #concert #band #adamduritz #duritzSi Twining
@countingcrows @BitTorrent Do you think this approach will limit illegal torrenting because of the direct connection to the bands? #crowchatmathew neill
@onthewireagain @BitTorrent Maybe. Bur nothing will really stop illegal torrenting except a decision by y'all not to do it. #crowchatCounting Crows
@onthewireagain @BitTorrent No, if people love it AND people pay for it, then the $ follows. Then the bands can survive #crowchatCounting Crows
Meanwhile, Filligar, a band joining Counting Crows on the Outlaw Roadshow, took the opportunity to promote the free download of their record:
@onthewireagain @countingcrows @bittorrent Here's a free download of our record https://www.noisetrade.com/filligar #outlawroadshow #crowchatFilligar
#countingcrowsRenny Zeis
We talked about career longevity...
@countingcrows #crowchat So, Deborah wants to know: So many bands disappear, breakup, or loose their core fan (cont) https://tl.gd/he5ll9BitTorrent Inc.
@BitTorrent I'm a really nice guy. Also, I'm so miserable that it'd be impossible to be jealous of me. Voila! No band jealousy. #crowchatCounting Crows
@countingcrows good answer. Most bands don't make it to 20 years so that's really commendable. #crowchatBitTorrent Inc.
We looked forward to the future as well...
@CountingCrows Speaking of, from Dave Briggs In your eyes, what does the future of the music industry/record companies look like? #crowchatBitTorrent Inc.
@BitTorrent Hopefully it looks a lot like a boat on fire w/rats jumping out all the portholes. We can dream, can't we? #crowchatCounting Crows
Then, just like that, we veered back to the basics...
@countingcrows I suppose...Seah H wants to know How do you warm up your voice before shows/studio sessions? (obvs not @ the motel) #crowchatBitTorrent Inc.
@BitTorrent I have about 25min of warmups I do before I sing. Before soundcheck, gigs, sessions, whatever #crowchatCounting Crows
@BitTorrent I warm up wherever I need to. At the hotel, on the bus, backstage, in my car, wherever... #crowchatCounting Crows
One thing is certain, Counting Crows love being independent:
@countingcrows #crowchat From Alex Sampson Do you think being independent will speed up the process of releasing (cont) https://tl.gd/he5qo7BitTorrent Inc.
@BitTorrent Time will tell. There was a lot of stress & frustration in the past w/the people we worked with. #crowchatCounting Crows
@BitTorrent Maybe less shit will make for a happier life. I could see THAT speeding things up. I feel saner now too #crowchatCounting Crows
@BitTorrent I love making music but I didn't look forward to all the crap releasing it entailed. #crowchatCounting Crows
@BitTorrent It's different now. We do whatever we want so we skip the BS if we decide it's BS. #crowchatCounting Crows
@BitTorrent You gotta remember - we're not living album cycles; we're living our lives. And they have their own rhythms #crowchatCounting Crows
'Maybe this year will be better than the last.' #Adamduritz #countingcrows #frontrowdanielle casey
When Amy asked if they were interested in making a special 20th Anniversary edition of August and Everything After, this was the response:
@BitTorrent God no. There's noting new or interesting that I can think of doing w/August & 20yrs is just a number, not a reason #crowchatCounting Crows
@BitTorrent if we were on a label, I'm sure they'd have a compelling idea for taking more $ from all of u but I can't think of 1 #crowchatCounting Crows
this soo makes me think of @gatorbait430 #throwinitback #augustandeverythingafter #counting crows #love #goodnightCaroline Goodin
Finally, to our last question (there were over 70 questions submitted by fans), Bryon Schmitz, whose first bootleg purchase was by Counting Crows, wanted to know what Adam's was.
@BitTorrent My first bootleg was a vinyl Beatles concert. Sounded like this: "Ladies & Gentlemen! Introducing -- AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!" #crowchatCounting Crows
@countingcrows yeah, my Mom (sorry, Mom) actually admitted to being one of those girls that would scream and cry in the audience. #crowchatBitTorrent Inc.
@BitTorrent Just an announcer interrupted by 30min of screaming & a tiny band in the background. Guess Beatles shows were wild #crowchatCounting Crows
We said farewell at the 3-hour mark and we're delighted that Adam would like to work with us again. Perhaps with the artists joining them on the Outlaw Roadshow tour...
@BitTorrent Hopefully we can do something again, maybe with the other artists on The Outlaw Roadshow before the summer tour #crowchatCounting Crows
@countingcrows HAHA yer aff yer heid lol...&..@BitTorrent..thanx for this, it's been amazin!...#crowchatAudrey Williamson
awesome #crowchat thanks @countingcrows and @BitTorrent for hostingmathew neill
Our employees, many of them fans, publicly thanked the band for working with BitTorrent
@countingcrows been a huge fan for most of my life, and as a @bittorrent employee, I couldn't be prouder of our partnership #crowchatPatrick Williams

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