New Movie Exclusive: Download the Kumaré BitTorrent Bundle


Where do cult leaders come from? What is it about them that inspires (intense) devotion? Are they more spiritual? Or are we just gullible?

In our latest BitTorrent Bundle, live today, follow filmmaker Vikram Gandhi as he sets out to discover the secret life of spiritual leaders in the SXSW audience-award winning documentary, Kumaré. Gandhi grows a beard (typical cult move), puts on an accent, and establishes himself as a guru in small-town Arizona. Along the way, his fake mantras gain a real following, and Gandhi is forced to contend with an experiment in faith gone awry.

As gurus have forever maintained: inner peace is only a click away. Download the exclusive BitTorrent Enlightenment Bundle here (or the torrent, directly, here). Inside you’ll find:

  • An exclusive 10 minute preview of Kumaré
  • The official Movie Trailer
  • A high-res movie poster
  • Behind-the-scenes photos from the film
  • 4 chants and 6 tracks from the film for you to get your Om on

We’re partnering with filmmakers like Gandhi as part of an ongoing series of experiments to make digital media more viable for creators. The film premieres on June 20th at The IFC Center in New York City. If you’re in the neighborhood, show your support for brave content. Tickets for Kumaré are on sale here – good karma included.

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