Today on BitTorrent: Chester French debuts Music 4 TNGRS Bundle

Chester French Music 4 Tngrs BitTorrent Bundle

Acclaimed indie-pop duo Chester French are back with a new album, and you can download it here, first. We collaborated with Fame House to bring you exclusive key tracks and more from Music 4 TNGRS; a sonically-dense mashup of stadium rock vs lo-fi beats.

Download the Music 4 TNGRS Bundle (the direct torrent can be found here), and get:

  • 3 new tracks from Chester French, (including The Next Big Thing, featuring Pharrell and Pusha T)
  • The exclusive Black Girls Wald3N Remix
  • High-res album art

It’s a pretty kick-ass soundtrack for starting a Tuesday summer morning off right. If you like what you hear, show the band some love over on iTunes.

Happy listening,

— The BitTorrent Team

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