Welcome to BitTorrent Help: Your Virtual Help Desk

Allow me to introduce myself. I started working for BitTorrent in April and since then, it’s been my personal goal to make sure any problems you have using our product are resolved in a timely manner. Since our users spend a great deal of time on social networks and consider them the best method for addressing an issue in real-time, we’ve decided to be proactive and introduce the @BitTorrentHelp channel on Twitter.

Why BitTorrent Help?

You, the users, are what keep us growing and that’s why we’ve set up a special portal to make sure all product-related needs are met. There are few communities out there as dedicated and passionate as BitTorrent’s. It has been an extraordinary experience communicating with you on ways we can make your torrenting experience the best one possible.


While we’ve taken the initiative to dedicate a channel to customer service, please note that our forums and FAQ sections have been designed to help you navigate the features of our software and educate you on its capabilities. Additional resources include our:

  • Troubleshooting Section – which is especially effective for identifying recommended next steps when something goes awry.
  • Idea Bank – this was created for you to suggest ways to improve our products.
  • BitTorrent.org forum – a place for developers to exchange ideas on the direction of our protocol.

We encourage you to check in on our forums and FAQ sections first. However, we’re also dedicated to ensuring there’s a human being who cares, on the other end, at your service. So, if there’s something you absolutely must express related to an issue with our client, direct it toward @BitTorrentHelp.

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