Speed Up Your File Transfers with Connectify

connectify dispatch

We’re about to show you a video that’ll change your mind about the speed and reliability of your Internet connection. You’ll witness engineers eating their own dog food. Sounds disgusting, right? Well, it’s not quite what you think. Dogfooding is a techie term used amongst software companies to describe how their developers demonstrate the competency of the product they’re promoting.

Much like the inner-workings of the BitTorrent protocol, where the more seeders you have, the faster you’re able to download a file, Connectify gives you a faster connection as you add wireless networks. Their latest product, Dispatch, is especially useful for you. With each Internet connection you add, you can double and even triple the speed of your BitTorrent file transfers! To paraphrase: the more Internet connections you have, the faster you’ll go. This concept sounds familiar, huh?

If you like the idea of finding a solution to the occasional speed issue you’ve experienced (hint: it’s probably your wi-fi connection), here’s your solution. And you can help make it a reality by backing their Kickstarter campaign. Throw these guys a bone already. 😉

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