News You Can Use Plus Highlights from the Internet Archive for the Week of 8/27/12
Snoop Dogg

A photo I took of Snoop Dogg, before he became Snoop Lion, now lives on a French Wikipedia page thanks to a common Attribution License I gave it through Creative Commons. Find it here:

Every now and then we stumble across something so awesome, so incredible, and generally useful for the community at large, we’d be remiss not to share it with you. Our friends at Wikipedia (seriously, we love the happy hours they throw at their offices and they use the BitTorrent protocol) just launched the “Wiki Loves Monuments 2012” photo contest and they need your help documenting historical landmarks, from around the globe, to help illustrate their millions of articles.

What’s in it for you? By making your photos available in the Commons under a free license, so they can be used by anybody, for any purpose, you have the chance to win a photo tour of Hong Kong when the Wikimedia Foundation convenes for the annual meeting of Wikipedia editors, photographers, and collaborators: Wikimania 2013. To get started (contest begins tomorrow), vist the International site here or the American site. Even if you don’t want to enter this particular contest, it’s still a good practice to make some of your photos available under a Creative Commons License, something that’s easy to set up on Flickr.

Moving on. It was another eventful week and the Internet Archive helped us put some current events into context thanks to the vast library goods they offer (and we help seed). Right before the Republican National Convention kicked off, it was announced that president Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will be facing off in their first debate on October 3rd, which leads us to…

Over a decade ago, John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon were competing for the same role (Kennedy won but sadly, his term was cut short in 1963 when he was assassinated in Dallas, TX).

The Internet Archive has a kinescope of their debate for you to enjoy, free of charge as always:

Grab the torrent:

Get the full details:

Michael Jackson, the reigning King of Pop (who was once married to the King of Rock ‘n Roll’s daughter) would’ve turned 54 years old this past Wednesday. Even though he’s been gone for over 3 years, his memory still lives on.

That’s it for this week. If you’re celebrating Labor Day, have a wonderful long, and safe weekend.

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