Data is the New Hustle and Other Highlights from SF MusicTech XI

An all-star panel from left to right: Steve Rennie, David Dufresne, Taynah Reis, Matt Mason, and David Haynes

On Tuesday, October 9th, our team attended the 11th SF MusicTech Summit conference at Hotel Kabuki in Japantown. We started the morning off with the Artist Tools panel featuring our Executive Director of Marketing, Matt Mason.

Of all the debates over old vs. new methods for distributing music and getting compensated, Matt’s quote, “Data is the new hustle,” resonated the most with moderator Hisham Dahud (Hypebot) and the audience. You can now watch this entire panel. Here are some more highlights:

Pandora's Tim Westergren speaks at SF MusicTech Summit

We recently encouraged our users to support the Internet Radio Fairness Act. Pandora’s CEO, Tim Westergren, was on hand for the opening keynote with Los Angeles Times journalist, Jon Healey.

Of course, an artist’s perspective was of great interest. Cellist Zoe Keating admitted she was willing to sacrifice her Pandora royalties for more exposure. Here’s a breakdown of her sources of income.

Data was undoubtedly a recurring theme throughout the day.

Data and the Music Industry

Since BitTorrent works with so many artists, this panel on artist data collected by the Twitter team was particularly interesting.

Adding images to your updates does get you more engagement.

One of ours even got noticed by Amanda Palmer.

But updating too much over the course of a day isn’t exactly recommended.

Snoop Dogg Twitter Spree

Mobile is always a point of discussion and executives had their weigh-in on the future of this platform:

Finally, more than Twitter or even Facebook, artists felt that YouTube was the best way to get noticed and a must for anyone hoping to make an impact.

Overall, some attendees definitely got the message: BitTorrent is a valuable distribution platform that provides a solution for content creators.

The afterparty

We sponsored the open bar for SF MusicTech’s afterparty.

BitTorrent - committed to building a sustainable future for content

Many members of our team showed up to help us celebrate the end of an eventful day – including founder Bram Cohen.

Team BitTorrent at SF MusicTech Summit

The final act

Pomplamoose performing at SF MusicTech Summit

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