The Internet’s Library, and 1.5MM Million Legal Reasons to Use BitTorrent

In August, we partnered with the Internet Archive to make 1.5 million pieces of licensed, legal archived content and cultural artifacts available to the world.

1.5 million is a big number.

It’s over a petabyte. It’s over 25 times the size of available titles on Neflix. And 31 times the number of available titles on Hulu. And 75 times what you can watch on Vudu.

BitTorrent + the Internet Archive

1.5 million is a big number.

Because it has the potential to change the way knowledge works online, it opens the world of content and shared cultural history up to everyone with a connection. The Internet is on-demand TV and music, and it’s more. The Internet is your library.

So, check it out. Download something (we’ve got some favorites you can access here, here, and here). There’s a wide world of amazing content available on Internet Archive. Help them preserve it. Pass it on.

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