Weekly Roundup and The Best Free Stuff on the Internet

We kicked the week off with a nice lil’ infographic illustrating how BitTorrent + The Internet Archive offer up more licensed and legal content than Hulu, Netflix, and Vudu…combined. See it for yourself. Also, there was a Palooza at our offices where our Engineers hacked on ideas that’ll help shape the future of what we’re doing.

Speaking of the Internet Archive, we unearthed a few more treasures from their library. From honoring the women in the sciences on Ada Lovelace day to remembering Elliott Smith, we’ve got you covered.

Ada Lovelace Day

Tuesday was Ada Lovelace Day – an annual event designed to honor women scientists, mathematicians, technologists, engineers, and their ilk. Named after the female inventor who worked with Charles Babbage in the 1800s on an analytical machine that is now regarded as the first computer model, Ada Lovelace is widely regarded as the first computer programmer.

To celebrate, we’re shared the audiobook “Woman in Science,” from the Internet Archive’s LibriVox Collection, by John Augustine Zahm in the early 1900s.

Grab the torrent of Woman in Science, here: https://bit.ly/womaninscienceia

Remembering Elliott Smith

A fond farewell: 9 years ago, this week, singer-songwriter Steven Paul “Elliott” Smith passed away at age 34 in Los Angeles.

The Internet Archive has over 96 of the legendary musician’s live performances on file for you to enjoy. This particular one was recorded at Henry Fonda Theatre in January, 2003 – 9 months before Elliott Smith passed away.

Get the torrent of this live performance: https://bit.ly/elliottsmithia

Browse more of his performances, here: https://archive.org/details/ElliottSmith

Little Nemo in Cosmicland

Earlier this week, Google celebrated the life and legacy of cartoonist Winsor McCay with a six-panel animated doodle depicting their take on his infamous comic, Little Nemo in Cosmicland (published 107 years ago – October 15, 1905).

Winsor McCay’s work has left an indelible mark on comic book illustration and animation. Fortunately, the Internet Archive has a preserved copy of Little Nemo for you to torrent.

Get Little Nemo in Cosmicland: https://bit.ly/littlenemoia

More info: https://archive.org/details/LittleNemo1905-1914ByWinsorMccay

That’s all we have for this week. Enjoy.

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