Weekly Roundup Plus the Best Free Things on the Internet

Blading is serious business.

This week, we talked to Mario Estrada about what makes for beautiful UI design, and what artists should be doing online. We welcomed decorative gourd season with this. And we’re standing with our Mo Bros. Get involved.

Best weekend ever. Kick it off with three of the best free things on the Internet.

Horror Hotel

Horror Hotel

One last scary movie before we reluctantly say goodbye to Halloween. This classic from 1960 might make you think twice about that witchcraft research project you’ve been wanting to get off the ground.

Get the torrent of Horror Hotel, here: https://bit.ly/horrorhotelia

The National, Live at House of Blues

The National at Fox Theater in Oakland

11 years ago, this week, The National released their eponymous debut album. We’ve been blown away by each subsequent album they’ve put out. And we’ve been lucky enough to catch them live. If you’ve never had the privilege: they’re adding European dates in December. Or, hear them here, live at the House of Blues.

Download the torrent from The National Live at House of Blues on 2010-10-09: https://bit.ly/thenationalia

In the Suburbs

In the Suburbs 1957In the months, weeks and days leading up to the election, we’ve heard politicians wax nostalgic about classic American values. Longing for the 50s? Want a primer? This vintage film, paints an idealized portrait of life and family in suburban America, circa 1957.

Download In the Suburbs: https://bit.ly/inthesuburbsia

The discussion in the comments section is a must-read, too: https://archive.org/details/IntheSub1957

 That’s all for this week.

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