New Music from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Hysterical BitTorrent Bundle

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s 2005 debut was a killer album. (The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth: Still. So. Good.) But it was also a killer moment for Indie rock: a record that proved you didn’t need the traditional Label Machine to get heard. Pitchfork, in their 9.0 review, noted the beautifully rare thing that happened with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: “we got the rare chance to decide what a band sounds like, before an agency cooks up and disseminates an opinion for us.”

We need more moments like this. We need more bands like this.  And we need more ways to support them. So we’re excited to work with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Lost Radio on a music release exclusive to BitTorrent users like you.

Powered by Lost Radio’s delivery platform, we’ll be offering users 3 tracks from the band’s most recent album, Hysterical, plus an unreleased demo within the BitTorrent and µTorrent clients. To download the free music, and support the artist, all you need to do is watch a short ad. That’s it. The more people who decide to download the tracks, the more money goes direct to the band.

Help us keep independent music independent. Check out the BitTorrent Bundle in your client. Not a user? It just takes a sec to install. Go on, get started. Or, cut to the chase: you can access the experience over here.

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