Weekly Roundup Plus the Best Free Things on the Internet

Bones Brigade Benefit Screening

This week we hung out with Tim Ferriss, and decided to take on traditional publishing. We brought new music from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah to your client. We caught a screening of The Bones Brigade: A Documentary (Go. See. This.), and gave back to the Relief Effort in New York. We got to hear what’s good from software developer, producer and performance artist Robert McDonald. And we scoured the web, looking for amazing objects.

Herewith, the three best free things on the Internet.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Hysterical BitTorrent Bundle

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Well: okay. In this case, we didn’t have to look beyond our client. We’ve been fans of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah since their 2005 debut. In partnership with the band and Lost Radio, we’ve created an exclusive music Bundle for BitTorrent users with tracks from Hysterical, and an unreleased demo. To unlock the Bundle, download the music, and give back the band, all you need to do is watch a short ad. Free music + a way to support independent artists: it’s all in there.

Download Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: https://lostrad.io/cyhsy/index.html

Crime and Punishment

Happy 191st birthday, Dostoyevsky. The 19th-century Russian author explored human, social and moral psychology in literature, and along the way, influenced everyone from Chekhov to Joyce; Hemingway to Sartre. It’s only appropriate that his landmark novel, Crime and Punishment, would be available free and legally, via BitTorrent.

Download Crime and Punishment:https://bit.ly/crimeandpunishmentia



This year, the most intriguing man in reggae (according to Esquire), transformed: shaving his beard; a symbol of Hasidic devotion, and evolving his sound. Curious about where Matisyahu’s musical and spiritual journey began? The Internet Archive has nearly 300 of his past shows available; including this one, live at the Boulder Theater.

Download Matisyahu Live at Boulder Theater, 10.15.12: https://bit.ly/matisyahuia

That’s all for this week. We’ll get caught up again, after Thanksgiving.

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