Calling All Broadcasters

Do you have a Ustream channel? A following? A webcam, and a dream? Do you want to help invent the next generation of live streaming? Cool. We’re looking for people like you.

BitTorrent Live is a new peer-to-peer live streaming protocol. Built with users, from scratch, it’s designed to take the principles of the BitTorrent protocol, and apply them to streaming. That means: no barriers to broadcast. That means: the more people that tune in, the more resilient your stream. That means: you can share video with a massive audience, in realtime – without bandwidth costs or infrastructure requirements.

We’ve been conducting regular tests with users (props to our intrepid volunteers), and have achieved results at swarm sizes of a few thousand. Now, we’re inviting qualified broadcasters like you to help us build something amazing. Care to join us?

Tell us a little bit about you and your broadcast needs. We’ll let you know when and how you can get started with BitTorrent Live.

Application link right here:

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