Behind the scenes with The 4-Hour Chef

Tim Ferriss the 4-Hour Chef

Update:  Read through the end of this post for a video message from Tim Ferris to BitTorrent users.

Last week, we announced a partnership with Tim Ferriss to help get the word out about The 4-Hour Chef.

Yesterday, the book was launched on Amazon. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be at your local bookstore. Want to help us make the first BitTorrent bestseller? Want a first look at the book, and a peek behind the scenes? Look no further.

In partnership with Tim Ferriss, we’re releasing a BitTorrent Bundle of exclusive content from The 4-Hour Chef. The BitTorrent Bundle includes Part 1 of the book: a 62-page primer on meta-learning. It contains Tim’s drafts and notes – on everything from organizing narrative themes, to uncovering original ideas. We’ve thrown in Wylie Dufresne’s molecular gastronomy must-haves, from the man himself. We couldn’t forget Georges St. Pierre’s nutrition plan (but we’re not sure we can follow it). And we’ve added in a few unpublished recipes, for good measure. It was hard to say no to pork chops stuffed with cheese and poblanos.

Want to hack the kitchen with us? We promise it will take less than four hours.

Download the Bundle. Share it with people. And show your support for the author.

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UPDATE – A video message from Tim Ferris to BitTorrent users:

Your device isn’t compatible with BitTorrent Web for Windows.

Would you like to download BitTorrent Web for Windows?


[No, please let me continue from this page.]