10,000,000 Mobile Downloads, and Counting

BitTorrent 10 million mobile downloads and counting

A little over a year ago, we introduced our first mobile product, Remote. Since then, we’ve released six new mobile products across Android, IOS, and Windows Phone platforms. And today, we reached a major milestone. BitTorrent mobile products have now been installed by 10 million people around the world.

10 million is a big number. Let’s break it down.

BitTorrent Remote apps have been downloaded 4.7 million times. Our BitTorrent Android client has been downloaded 1.5 million times. And our µTorrent (uTorrent) Android client, introduced just three months ago, has been downloaded 3.8 million times.

10 million and more thanks to all of you who’ve tried, tested, and shared our mobile goods. 75% of you said you’d recommend our µTorrent (uTorrent) Android app. (That makes us blush.) 25% of you said you’re using it every day, and 45% of you said you’re using it once or twice a week. (That’s kind of a lot.)

If you’re already using our mobile apps, keep the ideas and feedback coming. We’re listening.

Not a user? Get started on our BitTorrent Android app.

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