Weekly Roundup

This week in BitTorrent: 10 million mobile downloads. The future of film. And everyscreen innovation. Want the rundown? Read on, friends.

10 million mobile downloads, and counting

We spent the early part of this week gathered around Pramod’s desk (Pramod Sokke, head of BitTorrent mobile initiatives, for the uninitiated) counting down to a major milestone. And on Thursday we hit the mark: 10 million mobile installs.

10 million thanks to our mobile team. And 10 million thanks to everyone who’s tried out our Android, iOS and Windows products. If you haven’t yet done so, try out the BitTorrent Android client. You can get it over here.

Distributed technology and the future of film

Our own Matt Mason keynoted Wednesday’s Future of Film Summit down in (un-sunny) Los Angeles, and talked about some of the work we’ve done on behalf of filmmakers. Within the past year, BitTorrent filmmaker collaborations have been downloaded 26 million times.

Downloads from users like you helped SXSW-award-winning documentary Kumaré sell out the IFC. And PS: you also helped bring Stacy Peralta’s acclaimed Bones Brigade: A Documentary out of the skate park. We’re stoked to see how we can continue to provide value to film in 2013. Hit us up with ideas for experiments.

BitTorrent Certified devices roll out in Europe

Since 2008, the BitTorrent Certification program has enabled consumer electronics manufacturers to create devices that seamlessly play BitTorrent content; guaranteeing interoperability — from the chips inside, to the final product.

Last January, we announced our partners in the BitTorrent Certification program. This coming week, Antik and BOL will roll out their first BitTorrent Certified devices for the European market. These set-top boxes and media adapters will allow viewers to access, stream and enjoy their personal media libraries, on any home screen. They’ll also give users access to the world’s largest library of digital content, the Internet Archive, featuring 2 million music, film, and literature titles.

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