Featured Content: An Epic Meal Time Video Exclusive


It’s breakfast time in San Francisco. And today, we’re eating LIKE A BOSS. To help launch Epic Meal Time’s new show, Epic Chef, we’re releasing two exclusive videos (and two new tracks) to BitTorrent users. Want sweet, sweet bacon in your face? Of course you do. Download the BitTorrent Bundle, and learn how to make your next meal f**king epic (spoiler alert: whiskey).

We’ve been a fan of Epic Meal Time since forever. Props to the guys for becoming Youtube’s 12th most subscribed. An engine of Internet change, powered by Canadians/bacon/Canadian Bacon.

If you’re hungry for more, sign up for updates via BitTorrent. (Or, head on over to their channel for new episodes of Epic Chef.)

Download the Epic Meal Time BitTorrent Bundle.

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