Hacking The Record Industry With Alex Day
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For the uninitiated: Alex Day is a pop musician, YouTube artist, and maybe, just maybe, the future of music. In 2006, Alex started posting his music videos on YouTube. Today, he has over 500,000 YouTube subscribers, and 100 million video views. His music has been streamed more than 1 million times. Day gave his life to music and gave music away. With over 500,000 paid downloads, and three Top UK 40 hits, he is one of the recording industry’s brightest young stars. He has never worked with a record label.

This is what happens when artists and fans work together. Success 2.0 is shared.

On March 17th, Day will release Epigrams And Interludes, a new collection of music. Tomorrow, he’s releasing ten tracks via BitTorrent. And today, he’s giving away the stems on our new collaboration platform, SoShare. If you’re a BitTorrent or µTorrent user, you can access the stems using this magnet link.

You can listen to Alex Day on BitTorrent. You can buy his album on iTunes. But the songs themselves: they belong to you. Can we help Alex crack the charts again? Let’s see. Start your remixes by downloading the stems on SoShare. And tune in tomorrow for the 10-track sample.

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