BitTorrent Surf Beta Launches Today On Chrome And Firefox

In early January, we launched an Alpha of BitTorrent Surf, a Chrome plugin that brings BitTorrent to your browser.

Today, we’re ready to catch bigger waves. Yep. Puns. We went there. With big thanks and props to our Alpha users, we’re ready to release the Beta version of BitTorrent Surf.

BitTorrent Surf started out as a little Chrome experiment: a way to make BitTorrent simpler. Basically, Surf transforms your browser into a BitTorrent client; with discovery and downloading built in.

A big part of working through Alpha was trying to answer this question: how can we improve search?

Well, we can bring it to more browsers. The Beta version of BitTorrent Surf is now available on Firefox.

And, we can make it work harder for artists. We’ve added a recommendation engine to Surf. So, say you’re an EDM fan and you’re searching for content by DJ Shadow. Surf will serve up relevant content suggestions, like a BitTorrent Bundle from Pretty Lights. Recommendation and prioritization can help drive visibility for BitTorrent partner artists – solving for the exposure barrier that every creator is confronted with. That’s pretty powerful stuff.


Our goal is to help creators and fans connect over content. Let us know how BitTorrent Surf works for you, and hit us up with feedback, ideas, or suggestions.

We’ve also added some usability features for your Surfing enjoyment: a status window for easy download progress monitoring. Check it out.

Get the BitTorrent Surf Beta:

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