Pretty Lights Debuts New Single At Coachella – And On BitTorrent
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Last year, we worked with Pretty Lights to help break the barriers of sound and access; delivering 3 of his EPs, a new single, and a Bonnaroo tour video to BitTorrent fans. 5 million downloads led to 60 thousand new emails, 30 thousand new Facebook fans, a 700% increase in web traffic, and sold out shows. In just two months. And this is just the beginning.

Today, in partnership with Fame House, we’re releasing breaking new work from Pretty Lights to BitTorrent users all over the world. If you didn’t catch his set at Coachella last night: fear not. You can download the new single, plus two video exclusives, right here on BitTorrent.

A Color Map of the Sun marks a departure for the genre-defying electro-soul-hip-hop artist; a foray into the world of analog recording. Instead of sampling and collecting vinyl, Pretty Lights spent a year in studios and on the streets, recreating decades of sound with over 50 musicians.

A first look at the A Color Map of the Sun documentary, in addition to the first single and music video, “Around the Block”, featuring Talib Kweli, debut on BitTorrent today. We’re also packaging the view from the road: live video from Red Rocks 2012.

What’s next for Pretty Lights? It begins on BitTorrent.

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