BitTorrent Sessions: Shepard Fairey


In March, we got the chance to catch up with some creators, change-makers, and heroes of the free world at SXSW. Our intrepid film crew (Jeph, Danimal) captured the conversations so we could share them with you. Herewith: a series of small talks about big things.

In this week’s issue: words with Shepard Fairey; the iconic graphic artist who predicted Obama’s Presidential victory in 2008, and our sound system’s demise in 2013. RIP, stereo.

No, this is about more than the speakers that gave out at Empire Auto. This is about the end of records, the gradual dissolution of set imagery and LP culture, and the artist’s desire to preserve it. By making stuff. By murals. By sharing.

Fairey says it better than we ever could: “The more people creating culture, the better. It should be about talent, not about power. The power to share your talent, whether you have a lot of money or not, is something that BitTorrent facilitates. And that’s a great thing.”

Watch Fairey’s mural unfold.

Shepard1 Shepard2 Shepard4 Shepard6 Shepard5

Bonus: skip to the 3 minute mark of the video to find out why mp3s are the mac & cheese of media formats; a high-brow analogy involving Camembert.

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