Arthur Newman Preview Debuts On BitTorrent
Arthur Newman, Golf Pro

Who is Arthur Newman? The answer is not who you think.

Arthur Newman was one of the most talked-about films at this year’s Toronto Film Festival. Starring Colin Firth and Emily Blunt, it’s the story of a man who fakes his death to reclaim his life. Wallace Avery (Firth) is a disappointment: a washed up golf pro with no way forward and no way out. He can’t go on like this. And he doesn’t. Avery stages his death, starts over as Arthur Newman, and makes a break for the open road.

Along the way, he meets Mike (Blunt). Beautiful; fragile, she’s also trying to leave her life behind. Together, they take on the world as new people. And they fall in love with the old selves they’ve left behind.

In this week’s Featured Content: an exclusive look at Arthur Newman, courtesy of the good people over at Cinedigm. We’re debuting the first ten minutes of the film, with over fifty behind-the-scenes stills featuring the Oscar-winning cast and crew. This marks the first time Hollywood’s ever premiered content within the torrent ecosystem; a visionary move by Cinedigm, and a significant shift in how the media industry perceives BitTorrent.

Arthur Newman hits U.S. theaters on April 26th. But BitTorrent fans can preview the film today. Get the download, and get inside Arthur Newman’s story.

Free download:The BitTorrent Arthur Newman Bundle

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