Public Enemy is On Tour – Download Their New Single On BitTorrent, Send in Your Remix

Public Enemy is on tour, and as a reminder, you can download the Public Enemy Bundle to receive the group’s new single “Get Up Stand Up.” Opt to unlock the Bundle with your email, and you’ll get even more from the group: the music video, outtakes and an exclusive multitrack.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, be sure to catch Public Enemy this Sunday, July 7th performing at the Greek Theater. You might see our friend Shepard Fairey there; he created the poster you see for the concert above. You can read about how hyped he was to make it here. We’re pretty hyped about the whole thing, too.

Not in Los Angeles? The Kings of The Mic tour might still be coming your way. Check out their other tour dates.

Also, don’t forget we have a competition still going on. Make your own Public Enemy remix, share it directly with Public Enemy, and if they like it, they’ll digitally release your track. Visit our post about the Public Enemy contest for more details on how to win. Just remember to get your remixes in by July 18th, 2013. Public Enemy can’t wait to hear them.

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