Fortis to Ship BitTorrent Certified Set Top Boxes; BitTorrent Android App for CE gets an update

Since 2008, we’ve been partnering with consumer electronics manufacturers to make smart Internet-connected devices. Today, we announce our latest partner, Korean-based set top box manufacturer Fortis.


Fortis is an industry leader; delivering complete solutions that include premium content and Video-on-Demand. Fortis is now shipping multiple models of BitTorrent Certified devices for operators and consumers in Europe. Production of these Linux-based set top boxes is scheduled to accelerate through September with availability expected through their usual retail partners in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

“Production is ramping up to hundreds of thousands of units through Q4, and we expect to deliver even more units in 2014.”
– Jake Lee, Sales & Marketing Director of Fortis

The World’s Largest Content Library: Personal Media, Internet Archive, BitTorrent Bundles and ClearBits

The Fortis set top boxes enable access to your personal media: HD video, audio, slideshows, and more. They provide access to the world’s largest digital content library, the Internet Archive; with over two million titles available to stream or download. They empower access to open, licensed digital media from ClearBits. And they also give access to a growing list of content exclusives from the BitTorrent Bundle program: including media from Kaskade, Pixies, Public Enemy, Counting Crows, Death Grips, and others. Everything is bundled into one system, so you don’t need to worry about conversion, codecs, or file-formats.

“Fortis is an industry leader delivering complete solutions including premium content and Video-on-Demand to both operators and consumers worldwide. Integrating BitTorrent technology grants them access to our enormous library of licensed content and brand awareness with our 170 million monthly active users.”
– Bob Reid, VP of Consumer Electronics

Since 2008, the BitTorrent for Consumer Electronics program has enabled consumer electronics manufacturers to create devices that connect, deliver and play content from the largest ecosystem of consumers, content/artists and devices. Millions of consumer devices have shipped to date on multiple IC suppliers in Android and Linux.

BitTorrent for Android CE Update

In other news from the BitTorrent Consumer Electronics team: we’re announcing an updated version of our BitTorrent Android Consumer Electronics devices.

This latest version allows users to stream and directly download content from other devices. Other updates include localization to an additional ten languages: Korean, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Turkish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Czech.


Existing devices, such as the BBK set top boxes distributed by BOL made available in January 2013, will require a simple update to enjoy the latest benefits.

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