Friday Download: Creepy Classics

In this edition of Friday Download, we have three classic, creepy movies. Night of the Living Dead. Plan 9 from Outer Space. The Phantom of the Opera. In them, you’ll find zombies, aliens, and a corpse-faced man in love. We’ve got something special lined up for you guys on Tuesday; consider this a hint. Download. Watch. Cry bitter tears out of fear and loss. But mostly, stay tuned for what we’ve got coming.

Read more about the films and get the torrent files below. Thanks to for lovingly preserving them.

Friday Download:
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Night of the Living Dead/ 1968
Night of the Living Dead is the OG zombie movie; it marked a new dawn in horror film-making. Without it, there probably would be no Walking Dead, no Zombies vs. Vampires, no Nazi Zombies in CoD. Watch the classic film that began a national argument: How horrifying can you make a horror film?

Plan 9 from Outer Space/ 1959
Plan 9 is a classic from B-movie auteur and hero Ed Wood. Wood is a filmmaker so beloved, his fans hail him as their savior. Seriously. Also, Glen Danzig of The Misfits named their independent record label Plan 9, creating a cult around their B-movie horror themed songs.

The Phantom of the Opera/ 1925
Phantom of the Opera is an obvious classic. It’s success paved the way for more Universal-backed horror film favorites: Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Invisible Man, and The Mummy. Also notable: Eric Chaney (the actor who played the phantom) did his own makeup, and when his face was revealed, audiences screamed. Just a warning.

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