New Music from Mickey Hart: Superorganism
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Music is ingrained into our everyday existence: we spend an eighth of our waking lives listening. We’re surrounded by sound. (Thank you Internet, thank you headphones, thank god for headphones.) But what do we sound like?

That’s the question at the core of Mickey Hart’s project, Superorganism. The former Grateful Dead drummer and musicologist’s new album explores the intersection between music and the body, by turning brainwaves into sound.


In this week’s BitTorrent Bundle: an exclusive, in-depth look at Superorganism, and the rhythms within us. We tripped out to Hart’s studio to hear Bram Cohen’s brain on sound, and talk about the history of Dead taping.Then, we taped the Mickey Hart Band live in Healdsburg, in high def. Download the Bundle, and unlock the HD concert experience.

Mickey Hart's new music is built from brainwaves.

Mickey Hart’s new music is built from brainwaves.

Bram gets hooked up.

Bram gets hooked up.

The Mickey Hart BitTorrent Bundle

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A Short History of Taping [Video]
Bram Cohen and Mickey Hart Play Brainwaves [Video]

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Superorganism: the Concert Experience [Video]
Superorganism Tour Art [Image]
3 tracks from Superorganism [MP3s]

Enter your email to get the Superorganism concert in 1080p HD, along with the 3 additional tracks from Mickey Hart Band’s latest album. And for those that are 4K-ready, you can redeem an email invitation to download the full concert footage in Ultra HD as a 286 GB torrent. Note that you’ll need decent hardware and disk space to play the video, and it’s not for mobile devices or tablets.

More about Superorganism, and the biology of music.

The Mickey Hart Band, live in Healdsburg.

The Mickey Hart Band, live in Healdsburg.

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