Friday Download: Young Roddy X Curren$y | Bales

In this edition of FDL: on the road with Young Roddy. Download the torrent, and unlock the new Roddy X Curren$y mixtape, Bales, plus tour art, the I Kno What I’m Doin music video, and new footage from the Red Eye doc.

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Last night we caught up with Roddy on the tour bus, and talked hip hop history, mixtape integrity, and the importance of a pad and pen.

Friday Download: Young Roddy X Curren$y | Bales

1. Bales prod. by Harry Fraud [Audio]
2. Grizzly prod. by AJ Beats [Audio]
3. Weather Channel prod. by King Thelonious [Audio]
4. The War on Drugs prod. by Harry Fraud [Audio]
5. 100 Spokes prod. by Harry Fraud [Audio]
6. Mo Money feat. Juvenile prod. by Mike Will Made It [Audio]
7. AD 4 prod. by Harry Fraud [Audio]
8. Right Now prod. by Sledgren [Audio]
9. Walkie Talkies prod. by King Thelonious [Audio]
10. Parking Lot Pimps prod. by Cardo [Audio]
11. I Kno What I’m Doin [Video]
12. Red Eye Tour Documentary: Houston, TX [Video]
13. Red Eye Tour Documentary: Dallas, TX [Video]
14. Red Eye Tour Documentary: Austin, TX [Video]
15. Red Eye Tour Documentary: Phoenix, AZ [Video]
16. Red Eye Tour Documentary: San Diego, CA [Video]
17. Red Eye Tour Documentary: Los Angeles, CA [Video]
18. Red Eye Tour Documentary: Oakland, CA [Video]
19. Red Eye Tour Poster [Art]
20 Enter to Win the Ultimate Jet Life Experience [Ticket]

Words with Roddy: on listening, staying true, and pushing ideas in sound.

Q. Your work has a tight, crisp feel; reminiscent of earlier generations of hip hop. Who did you grow up listening to?

Man, the list would be so long. I listened to Nas, Jay Z, Biggie, Pac, The Hot Boyz, Outkast. The crews: D Block, you know what I’m saying. Roc-a-fella. Cash Money. Grew up off of that. And then there’s NOLA: Juvie, fuckin Soulja Slim, and Lil Wayne.

Q. There’s the issue of authenticity across hip hop (and the whole record industry) – where it’s more about marketing than music . You’ve managed to build a big following, without giving up your brand or independence. How do you make that work?

It’s about not forgetting where I came from.  Stay true to myself.  Seen a lot people, you know, mess up on that. So I learned from their mistakes and make my own lane.  Musical integrity… oh man, that’s the key to all of this.

When it comes to my career, what I want to do, I’d model it after Nas. He stood for something, you know.

route 2

Q. Jet Life sounds different from other crews out there. You’re also constantly releasing new music. How do you guys handle the production?

We split production duties based on the situation.  I’m always working with Monstabeatz, but I’ve also been doing records with a few different producers, pushing my sounds and ideas in new directions.  If it’s my project, of course I handle how it’s going to sound.  If I’m working with the rest of the team, I know they’ll have a vision that we’ll work towards together.

Q. Has technology changed the way you work?

You used to sell it out the trunk, nowadays that’s over with. Now it’s about reaching your fans.  Using the internet to your advantage, even if you’re giving that music away.  I’m still a pretty old school person, though. I don’t write rhymes on my phone. I still got the pen and pad.  We just always trying the best way we get those records to our fans, however we can.

Young Roddy: Phoenix, Arizona

Q. You have one of the most dedicated audiences out there. How do you build and maintain a relationship with fans?

I try to stay consistent with this work, with these projects, shows, tours.  It’s a grind.  I grind hard and they relate to where I’m coming from, so it’s an easy connection.  We have the best fans: it’s amazing.  Stay humble and stay true to yourself. It will take you a long way.

Young Roddy: Phoenix, Arizona

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