Coming Sept 24: BitTorrent Bundle for Publishers Closed Alpha
BitTorrent Bundle for publishers

In May, we started up an Alpha project for the creative community called BitTorrent Bundle. In partnership with artists, labels, and studios, we wanted to build a smarter digital distribution system. One where your content belongs to you. One where songs can also be storefronts. One where media becomes more valuable, the more it’s shared. And not vice versa.

For the past five months, we’ve been working with a small group of artists to build BitTorrent Bundle campaigns. We’ve seen some really cool stuff: remixes powered by people, reinvented mixtapes, and even an education revolution. And we’ve seen the potential for the platform, too.

Since May, BitTorrent Bundle collaborations have been downloaded by 18 million fans. We’ve helped funnel over a million users to artist properties, collecting over 600 thousand email leads along the way. This is what people-powered distribution looks like.

On September 24th, we’ll release the project’s next stage. BitTorrent Bundle for publishers is an Alpha platform that makes direct-to-fan distribution simple. There are 170 million BitTorrent fans. But today, creating a torrent requires a level of technical ability. Our goal is to automate the process for creators – to help artists around the world find and connect with new audiences. Here’s how it works.

BitTorrent Bundle for publishers: homepage

Direct-to-fan publishing made simple

All you need to do to build a Bundle is upload your assets. There are no size caps, or file type restrictions. Once all your stuff is up there, we’ll create a gated Bundle and a custom landing page that you can share with the world.

Publish what you want

Creativity takes many forms. That’s why we built BitTorrent Bundle. It’s a format designed to hold anything and everything you make: from video, to art, to music, in one simple download.

Grow fan interaction and value

There are 170 million fans in BitTorrent waiting to hear from you. How you engage them is up to you. Give fans a free download. Then, let them unlock content exclusives in exchange for an email.

Sound good? You can sign up to participate in the closed Alpha program here.

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