Friday Download: Elliott Smith

09132013-bt-fridaydownload-elliotsmithFor fans of Colin Meloy, Bright Eyes, Bob Dylan, Iron & Wine, Okkervil River, M. Ward

In today’s Friday Download, we have music from Elliott Smith: The widely-celebrated folk-punk singer with a huge cult following. Beloved by fellow artists, his songs fill the soundtracks of critically-acclaimed films: Good Will Hunting, American Beauty and The Royal Tenenbaums. Smith cites Bob Dylan and The Beatles among his major influences, and it’s easy to see (hear) why. Dark and often melancholy, Smith’s music sounds the way lying with your face to the floor feels. In a good way.

Though we lost Smith a decade ago, you can rest easy knowing the Internet Archive has wonderfully preserved his live shows. We hand-picked three shows that we love – for free download below. To preview what’s in the download, you can listen to Elliott Smith cover The Beatle’s “Blackbird”. Incredible.


Friday Download: Elliott Smith

Click the link to download the torrent file.

The Steamboat / Austin, TX / 2003
1. Happiness
2. Memory Lane
3. Rose Parade
4. Strung Out Again
5. Plainclothes Man
6. I Figured You Out
7. St. Ides Heaven
8. A Passing Feeling
9. Division Day
10. Between The Bars
11. Somebody’s Baby
12. I Better Be Quiet Now
13. Pretty (Ugly Before)
14. Waltz #2 (XO)
15. Satellite
16. Coast To Coast
17. Say Yes
18. Blackbird

L’Olympic / Nantes, France / 2000
1. Son of Sam
2. Division Day
3. Can’t Make a Sound
4. Coming Up Roses
5. Junk Bond Trader
6. Say Yes
7. LA
8. Needle in the Hay
9. Waltz #2 (XO)
10. Happiness
11. Independence Day
12. In the Lost and Found
13. Clementine
14. Stupidity Tries
15. Everything Means Nothing to Me
16. Fond Farewell
17. Between the Bars
18. The Biggest Lie
19. Color Bars
20. Pretty Mary K
21. Christian Brothers

400 Club / Minneapolis, MN / 1998
1. Our Thing
2. Bled White
3. Waltz #2 (xo)
4. Pictures of Me
5. Independence Day
6. Balland of Big Nothing
7. Speed Trials
8. Stupidity Tries
9. Bottle Up And Explode!
10. Sweet Adeline
11. Happiness
12. Division Day
13. 2:45 AM
14. Baby Britian
15. St. Ides Heaven
16. Say Yes
17. Between the Bars
18. Ballad of a Thin Man
19. Christian Brothers

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