SoShare Users: Getting Started on BitTorrent Sync
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Last year, we opened up a Beta version of SoShare; a free, unlimited tool for sending big files. And over the course of the last six months, we started a new project to streamline sharing and team workflows: BitTorrent Sync.

BitTorrent Sync allows you to send and sync as many files as you want. No project, like no idea, is too big. And Sync skips the cloud to keep your files moving fast, and secure. It’s a pretty awesome tool for collaboration.

Because Sync’s made so many users happy, we’re going to move all SoSharers to BitTorrent Sync over the next 30 days. For instructions on how to send your files to others using BitTorrent Sync, check out these handy instructions.

SoShare will remain available through November 15, 2013. In the meantime, test drive Sync and let us know what you think. We’re here for questions, feedback, and long conversations about the universe.

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