Dear Mr. Watterson: A First Look at the Calvin and Hobbes Documentary

We maintain that comic strips were (and are) the best thing about the Sunday paper. And for ten years, with the work of Bill Watterson, they were made better still. Calvin and Hobbes is the story of a boy and his philosophically-named tiger. It’s also our own.

Dear Mr. Watterson is a documentary that explores the legacy of Bill Watterson, and the lasting impact of his most famous cartoon. The film, directed by Joel Allen Schroeder, traces the lifetime of a comic strip through the lives of its readers, featuring interviews with Seth Green, Berkeley Breathed, Stephan Thomas Pastis, and more.


Dear Mr. Watterson started as a passion project. With the help of Kickstarter and more than 2,000 fans, it became something more: a social reading, and a lasting dialogue with the author. Stories like these are why we started Bundle. And that’s why we’re excited to work with the filmmakers to distribute a first look at the film to BitTorrent fans.

Download the Dear Mr. Watterson Bundle, and unlock the true story behind the comic strip. You’ll get the documentary trailer, bonus footage, and an exclusive 20% discount on purchase.

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