BitTorrent Bundle Staff Pick: Mary Gold | Sex Hormone’d Druggie

Mary Gold is the first female artist signed to Curren$y’s Jet Life label. A self-described “nudist, c**t, and treehugger”, it goes without saying that she’s not what you think. In this edition of Staff Picks: a look at the world inside Gold’s Sex Hormone’d Druggie, out last Friday. Download the free Bundle, and unlock the mixtape, videos, plus an exclusive photoset shot by CJ Wallis. The torrent will instantly download – just drag it into your BitTorrent app.

This marks part three of a mixtape collaboration between Jet Life and BitTorrent. If you downloaded the first Bundle, you’ll get the new Mary Gold Bundle delivered direct to your inbox. Shortcut.

Over the weekend, we caught up with Mary and talked about where creativity comes from, why genres don’t matter, and the stories behind the songs on SHD.

Mary Gold | Sex Hormone’d Druggie

1. Mother Mary Intro, produced by Diggable Slim [Audio]
2. Nephilim, produced by Ghazi Gamali [Audio]
3. Lisa, produced by Diggable Slim [Audio]
4. Fukk feat. Leaf, produced by Crack Tracks [Audio]
5. Druggie Girl by Dirty Spice, produced by Negrosaki [Audio]
6. Threesome, produced by L.A. Beatz [Audio]
7. Miley Cyrus, produced by Nesby Phips [Audio]
8. Coup De Ville, produced by Rmur [Audio]
9. Grand Theft, produced by Diggable Slim [Audio]
10. Needy, produced by Lu B [Audio]
11. Treetop Express, produced by Diggable Slim [Audio]
12. Prayer feat. Curren$y, produced by Lachase x DVN [Audio]
13. Steezus Christ, produced by Junedocc [Audio]
14. Sex Hormone’d Druggie Trailer [Video]
15. Prayer feat. Curren$y [Video]
16. Sex Hormone’d Druggie Photos [Images]



For creativity / against categorization: words with Mary Gold

Q. You’re the first girl signed to an all-male record label. How did you end up at Jet Life?

I was sending my video, and came across Mousa [Curren$y’s manager]. He loved my work. We met up the next day at a video shoot for August Alsina, and he signed me on the spot. Now I’m here.

People try to put roles, rules, and categories around female artists. I have no expectations. I just want to create. I dislike categories heavy, so I don’t think about my work from a female perspective. I think about it from a creative perspective; as a creator. This is who I am, in every aspect.

Q. Where does your work come from? What are the sounds and lives that inspire you?

M.I.A. is my favorite artist, and has been for a while. I love how she speaks her mind, and is in tune with what’s going on. Her art speaks. Kanye West is a real inspiration. Anyone who can tone down or take down lyrics and speak through just sounds: you’re a genius. It’s sound; it’s life that’s behind what I do. It’s about embracing the emotions and outlook, the things that go on throughout. Each event only lasts a moment.

Things like Prayer. The video is about capturing a moment. I wanted people to create their own idea of what it means. It’s more interesting than someone defining it for you, or telling you what to think. It allows you to use your imagination and create your own form of understanding. I actually wrote the song while I was sitting in a dark room, without a beat. At the time, I had no idea what it meant.

Q. How do you see music changing? Where is hip hop going next?

The direction hip hop is taking is a positive one. Seems like it’s opening up. There’s more experimentation, without the major backlash. Technology is changing music, too. It’s easier to get your hands on. I don’t think it’s changed the way I create, but it’s definitely the reason why you’re able to hear me now.

Q. What’s your advice for aspiring artists?

For everyone trying to make it in the music industry: just be yourself.

Q. What’s next for you?

I’m looking forward to life. Who knows what’s next? I just want to create with really rad people and eat really good food.


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