BitTorrent Publishing: How to Drive Traffic to Your Bundle

In September, we opened up BitTorrent Bundle to our first wave of Alpha publishers. Bundle is designed to be a durable (digital) platform for artists: a publishing system that lets you tell better stories; a file format that becomes more valuable, each time it’s shared.

As we work on integrating marketing support into the platform, we wanted to give you first wave publishers a set of tips and tools for sharing. We’ve seen some massively cool projects in Bundle. Our goal is to help you get them more visibility. Herewith: five simple steps to increasing your Bundle traffic.

1. Start sharing your Bundle, before it’s ready to be shared.

In the weeks before you’re ready to release your Bundle, let your fans and potential fans know there’s something coming. Announce your upcoming project and release date on your website, and in your social channels. Share the story behind the Bundle. Share sample or teaser content: behind-the-scenes videos, trailers, a track, or a video message. By sharing your Bundle early, you can start making it part of fan culture.


2. Build your Bundle page for engagement.

Bundle makes it simple to create project websites. You can make them yours. Use the template builder to upload art. Use the text box to tell the story of your Bundle, and spell out the content that you’re making available for download. If you’ve included a media exclusive, incentive, or contest as part of your Bundle, make sure it’s clear to your fans. And if you want to push people back to your site or social media pages, just include <a href=””>Display Text</a> in the description.


3. Add value interactions into your Bundle.

Use the Bundle format to build relationships with fans. Opting to add an email gate gives you the ability to add fan subscribers – a new group of people to share news and releases with. When it comes to the content that you decide to Bundle, don’t forget to include HTML or PDF files that give users instructions, and directs downloaders back to your website or store.


4. It doesn’t have to end with the download. Use Bundle content to create social echo.

Bundle is just the beginning. The format’s made to empower storytelling, narratives crafted in common. To give your Bundle a second life, include content that that fans can build on and add to. Or, include a contest that fans can enter and rebroadcast.


5. Bundles are built to travel. Let them.
We pick up media in different places. Our goal with Bundle is to help you go with that grain. Share or embed your link on your sites, social channels, and wherever you (and your fans are) online.

Got what you need to get started? Good. You can sign up for Bundle here. Hit us up if you’ve got questions, ideas, feedback, or need a little help.

About BitTorrent Bundle

BitTorrent Bundle for Publishers is an Alpha program designed to make direct-to-fan publishing simple. The new platform automates content distribution: allowing creators to build shareable pages in a click, and share multiple files and multimedia content in a single download. Request an invite.

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