40 Million BitTorrent Mobile Installs, and Counting
40MM Mobile

Back in June, we announced a major mobile milestone: 25 million installs. Over the course of the past five months, we’ve welcomed an unprecedented 15 million new devices into the fold.

(We’re glad to have you all aboard!)

Today, we have two top 10 free media and video applications in the US Google Play store: the µTorrent App (#4), and the BitTorrent App (#10).

Haven’t tried ‘em yet? You can grab the BitTorrent Android app right here.

BitTorrent for Android: Updates
✔ Improved onboarding tutorial for new users
✔ Improved performance and stability
✔ Better video playback handling (version 1.28)
✔ Play music torrent downloads as a playlist (version 1.25)

Happy downloading,

The BitTorrent Mobile Team


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