Friday Download: Being Big

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62.7% of American adults are overweight or obese. Despite representing the majority, big Americans face discrimination, hatred and insidious stereotypes. Being Big is a documentary film that explores fatism in America, and it’s antithesis – thin privilege.

It’s a revealing exploration of fat culture through the lives of three women and their unique paths to happiness and self-acceptance. It is also a personal story, as the film’s director, Julian Dahl, embarked on this project to understand the toll a 100-pound weight gain had on his wife’s happiness. It is both a call for society to accept all bodies as it is a call for individuals to feel empowered and liberated in their own skin. Download the Bundle to get the full film, bonus footage, and more.


Runtime: 92 minutes
Plot: Being Big is a film about how to deflate fatism and become liberated and powerful in your own body.
Genre: Documentary


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