Movember at BitTorrent

December 1st marked the end of BitTorrent’s 3rd year participating in Movember.


Movember is a yearly fundraising effort toward prostate cancer research and other men’s health initiatives. The object is simple: start fresh with a clean shave on the 1st of the month, then grow out a moustache that suits you best during the month of November. Along the way, solicit donations from your friends, coworkers, and loved ones for the cause. The ‘stache does the work of sparking conversation around Movember and men’s health in general.

The BitTorrent Movember group is a small, scrappy bunch, but every year we do a better job of raising funds and awareness. And though it can be trying to suffer through the early (and sometimes unsightly) stages of your mo’, in the end it’s always worth it. Just in case the satisfaction of raising funds for charity isn’t enough, we throw ourselves a little celebration at the end and toast a job well done.

Movember 2013 is over, but we encourage all BitTorrent fans to think about participating in the 2014 edition, as a participant or donator. Even better, if you’d like to join the BitTorrent Movember squad next year, have a look at the jobs page and learn about all the other reasons to apply.

Thanks to all those who donated to and supported our team this year. Your efforts are appreciated and the team couldn’t be more thankful.

Here are the faces – and mustaches – of the BitTorrent Movember squad:

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