The Act of Killing BitTorrent Bundle Reaches 3.5 Million Downloads

The Oscar-nominated BitTorrent Bundle film inspires a global movement.

The Act of Killing addresses an act of genocide largely unknown in the West, and unacknowledged at home, in Indonesia. Our collective amnesia is the true legacy of dictatorship. This film challenges a regime to remember a 1965 massacre. What happens next is unforgettable.

Last Thursday, The Act of Killing received an Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Feature. The testimony preserved by the film has been recognized by the Academy. Our goal is to ensure that the truths inside this documentary are recognized by the world. To that end, Drafthouse Films also announced last week that The Act Of Killing will return to theaters in multiple markets across the country on February 7th.

The Act of Killing BitTorrent

And in collaboration with Drafthouse Films, we’ve made the story behind The Act of Killing available to all as a BitTorrent Bundle. Since the December 31st launch, more than 3.5 million people have downloaded the documentary Bundle. Over three times as many people have viewed content from the film via BitTorrent, versus YouTube. That’s an incredible number of viewers. And that’s an incredible opportunity. The Act of Killing is a film about the act of remembering. Now, more than 3.5 million people will never forget.

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The Act of Killing is unlike any documentary. It asks a lot of audiences. It demands that we as a culture acknowledge and own up to our history. It demands to be seen. We’re honored that the Academy has recognized the film. And we’re honored that the people have recognized it, too. BitTorrent Bundle allowed us to distribute the documentary’s campaign to more than 3.5 million viewers around the world, including Indonesia. This helps ensure that the film’s message is heard, preserved; held up and held in common by all.

Evan Husney, Creative Director, Drafthouse Films

The BitTorrent Bundle is a look behind the scenes of the Oscar-nominated documentary, with Director Joshua Oppenheimer, and Executive Producers Werner Herzog and Errol Morriss. Download the Bundle, and access videos, interviews, essays, and photographs from the filmmakers, plus notes from the front lines: the impact of The Act of Killing on Indonesia, as documented by TEMPO magazine.

Congratulations to filmmakers and Drafthouse crew on their truly awesome achievement.

Support The Act of Killing by purchasing the film on iTunes, DVD/Blu-ray or instant digital download.

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