Staff Picks: 2014 GRAMMY Nominated Artists Pretty Lights and Kaskade

Last night, 28.5 million people tuned in to the 2014 GRAMMY awards to watch 33 couples wed-on-air, Daft Punk silently accept both Record and Album of the Year, and The Beatles reunite and perform for the first time in five years. We also tuned in because Beyonce. In honor of the largest celebration of music on television, today’s Staff Picks is dedicated to two artists we adore, who changed, shaped and defined music in the past year.


Pretty Light’s A Color Map of the Sun was nominated for best Dance/Electronica album. In celebration, Derek Vincent Smith wanted to give the whole thing away for free. Download the Bundle to get the A Color Map of the Sun, the album remix collection, the visual project, and “Let’s Get Busy”, live from San Francisco. You’ll also get three exclusive bonus tracks: Sweet Long Life, Where I’m Trying to Go, and All I’ve Ever Known.


Check out what else is up with Pretty Lights.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 3.21.45 PM

Kaskade is a massively talented artist and the face of electronic dance music. Kaskade’s latest project Atomosphere was nominated for best Electronic/Dance album of the year. And, he was the first artist we partnered with when we released BitTorrent Bundle Alpha. 4.1 million Kaskade Bundle downloads later, we’re not surprised by his meteoric rise to the top. Get the Bundle to go behind the scenes of Kaskade’s Freaks of Nature tour with the Dynasty MP3, a documentary preview, an exclusive digital tour booklet, and never-before-seen footage from his 2012 sold-out Staples Center show.


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