Staff Picks: Duologue – Song and Dance

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In this week’s Staff Picks: London’s five piece assemble Duologue and their acclaimed debut album, Song and Dance. Song and Dance achieves a sonic complexity that takes listeners on a journey: it is drifting, swooping, distant, almost cinematic; imparting an indescribable heaviness on anyone who spends a moment with the sound. Doulogue’s frontman, Tim Digby-Bell, has a howl that has been aptly compared to the vocal stylings of Thom Yorke, and their piano-rich, electronic and rock-infused songs can be reminiscent of Radiohead. But, the album feels inventive; it feels uniquely their own. The album was co-produced by GRAMMY award-winning music producer Jim Abbiss (best known for his work with Adele, Arctic Monkeys, and Ladytron) and meticulously crafted by its members, resulting in a total hit.

Now, Duologue is making Song and Dance available to all. Download the Bundle to get the full album for free.



Check out Duologue’s music videos for Song and Dance:

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