Friday Download: Senn, A Sci-Fi Valentine

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When trying to find you the perfect Bundle for Valentine’s day, we came up with plenty of good contenders: A Bundle to 3D print a ring for that special someone, a Bundle of love songs, a Bundle of chapters from a romance novel, to read in some kind of romantic book club. All good options. Then we decided, how about an anti-Valentine’s Day Bundle, instead? So stay home, check out this sci-fi Bundle and eat pizza like you really want to. Maybe complete your dystopian valentine day with some Tang?


Senn is a cerebral science fiction feature directed by Josh Feldman, and written by Josh Feldman and Britton Watkins. It’s about a lowly line worker named Senn who lives on the forgotten and miserable planet of Pyom. Strange phenomena begin to threaten Senn’s job, relationships and very existence. As his situation grows dire, an alien appears and takes Senn to an ancient object called Polychronom. Polychronom has chosen Senn from across the stars. He learns that he must fulfill his purpose in order to change his life and the lives of countless others.


Download the Bundle to get an exclusive look at the film: including music from the soundtrack, a film teaser, a Q&A with the creators, and more.


Here’s the trailer:

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