Introducing BitTorrent Android V2, and Bundle-Integrated BitTorrent Software

BitTorrent for Android adds new features and reaches 50 million installs. Back home on your PC, BitTorrent desktop apps, including µTorrent 3.4, add Bundle integration and set the stage for  faster updates

In May 2012, we introduced BitTorrent mobile apps. A lot’s happened in less than two years. Today, we’re happy to unveil a whole new experience to BitTorrent and µTorrent mobile users. I guess it’s true what they say: the world’s going mobile. Say hi to V2 of our Android apps.

Rebecca Chu BitTorrent Mobile

Our goal is to build a beautifully simple way to access personal media, anywhere. To solve not just for user needs, but deliver an experience; a real connection. The V2 Android updates let you get your downloads, wherever you are. More than that, it’s a better way to manage files.
– Rebecca Chu, Senior Visual Designer, Mobile<

The new BitTorrent and µTorrent Android apps feature a completely re-imagined UI. Friendly and intuitive – they’re built with you guys in mind. It’s simple to track download progress, and access realtime download data.


Fast, light, and powerful: that’s the core of BitTorrent technology. And that’s how we approached our Android app updates. We’ve refreshed the UI, and we’ve improved performance. For us, this is about building the best possible utility for our users.
– Pramod Sokke, Senior Product Manager, Mobile

We’ve also updated the apps with top-requested features, including the ability to select and download individual files within a torrent (before and after your download has started), choose download locations, and choose between deleting torrents only, or deleting both torrents and files. Along the way, we’ve improved overall performance and stability.

And if you haven’t tried the Android app, we’ll help you get started. The V2 app features updated onboarding. It’s easier than ever to start downloading. Learn more.

Joe Joyce BitTorrent Mobile

Back on your desktop, you’ll notice that the BitTorrent client software looks a little different, too. We’ve just rolled out µTorrent 3.4 (we’ll roll out BitTorrent 7.9 next week). For those that have opted in, these updates allow for quicker builds and quicker releases. It’s also built differently. It’s built for BitTorrent Bundle.

BitTorrent With Bundle

BitTorrent Bundle is an Alpha publishing project, built with and for the creative community. The new platform allows artists and rights-holders to embed value exchanges inside content. Each song becomes its own storefront; each file becomes more valuable each time its shared.


We care about our client users’ experience, and we’re finding ways to get them what they’ve been asking for. For mobile users, we added simple, at-a-glance progress indicators, one-click access to download details, and file management features.

For desktop users, we’re providing licensed content from partners like Moby and Madonna — from the get-go. These new updates will let us optimize the client experience for our desktop users as quickly as we do for mobile users, and with fewer interruptions.
– Annabell Satterfield, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Core Products

Since we introduced the platform in 2013, we’ve seen more than 60 million Bundles downloaded. More than 8,000 publishers have signed up. And, we’ve added 448 new downloads to our library of over 2 million licensed, legal titles.

Adam Kelly BitTorrent Desk

Artists and fans have swarmed to the platform. As we look to expand the offering to include paygated content, we’ve made Bundle integration a key feature of µTorrent 3.4. It’s now a configurable menu item: you can use BitTorrent to instantly unlock new Bundle titles. Here’s to direct-to-fan, at your fingertips.

Justin Knoll BitTorrent Bundle

Go behind-the-scenes of BitTorrent with our Mobile team. You can grab the new mobile app here.

To see how Bundle works inside BitTorrent, take a look at µTorrent 3.4.


Happy downloading,

The BitTorrent Team

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