Happy Pi Day, From BitTorrent

When I started working for BitTorrent, I brought with me an event known as “Pie Friday”. In its simplest incarnation, Pie Friday is when someone brings pie in to the office on, yes, Fridays. It started because I love making pie, and other people love eating pie, and has grown to be embraced by people throughout our company. Whether you bring a pie or simply show up ready to eat, Pie Friday is open to anyone and everyone at BitTorrent.

After a particularly successful Pie Friday, a number of us began discussing how we could properly celebrate Pi Day. Although Pi Day technically has nothing to really do with pie, it is a convenient homonym, and this year, Pi Day happened to coincide with Pie Friday. Thus, BitTorrent’s Pi(e) (Fri)Day celebration was born.

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Pi(e) (Fri)Day is the glorious union of two things near and dear to many of our hearts: mathematical constants, and desserts. It’s very much in keeping with the spirit of things here at BitTorrent, bringing people together whether they care about irrational numbers, flaky crust, or just stepping away from their desk for a moment of camaraderie. You don’t need to be a math geek or a baking nerd to participate in Pi(e) (Fri)Day. You just need to be ready to eat some pie. And probably hear a lecture or two about how tau is a far superior constant. We are, after all, a pretty nerdy group.

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