Inside Cheap Thrills With Drafthouse Films

The dark comedy, in theaters today, asks what you’d be willing to do for a dollar. We dare you to watch.

I dare you. It’s a provocation that’s become not so: a weird common currency in a world where conversation is increasingly defined by escalation (i.e. this). What does daring do? And more importantly, where do we draw the line?

Maybe we don’t. Cheap Thrills is a mutant morality tale; a window into the inner workings of desperation, and the dares we don’t turn down.

Cheap Thrills BitTorrent Bundle

Down and out family man Craig (Pat Healy) is about to lose everything. Seeking solace at the bar, he runs into Vince (Ethan Embry); an old friend from high school. The reunion quickly turns into something darker, as the two are roped into a series of escalating dares by a mysterious couple (David Koechner, Sara Paxton). The challenges shift from harmless bets to inhuman acts; forcing Craig and Vince to the edge of evil, and beyond.

Variety calls it “a thoroughly nasty piece of work”. Fair warning, y’all: this isn’t The Hangover. Instead, it’s a pitch-black lens on the length we’ll go for a dollar; the stuff we’re willing to sacrifice on a whim or a dare. It’s cinema. And it’s also a social experiment.

Cheap Thrills is a dark thriller. And it’s more: a genre film that doesn’t fit neatly into set conventions; one that taps into the broader, scarier issues of class and morality that define this period in American history. As the stakes in the film are raised, so are questions. Our goal is to use BitTorrent Bundle as a way to invite millions fans across the Internet to participate in the film. To go behind the scenes with us; to ask, and to dare.

Evan Husney, Creative Director, Drafthouse Films

Cheap Thrills is out in theaters today. In partnership with Drafthouse Films, we’re bringing it to audiences around the world. Download the Cheap Thrills Bundle. Unlock the social experiment. Read about it firsthand, from director E.L. Katz. Listen to three songs from the soundtrack. Watch the trailer. Check out stills from the set. Then, see what viewers dared to do. If you’re game, you can help unlock challenges for the cast and crew. All from inside BitTorrent Bundle.

Get the full film here.


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