Friday Download: The Bag Man

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In this week’s Friday Download: A behind-the-scenes look at Robert Deniro’s and John Cusack’s controversial film, The Bag Man. Written and directed by David Grovic, the film is a quirky, postmodern noir about a criminal – Jack– and his bag. After killing several men and making away with a mystery bag, Jack awaits his fate in a seedy hotel room, when danger comes literally knocking at his door.


“The Bag Man has generated enormous controversy regarding violence to women. However, playing the role of Rivka, the femme fatale, gave me considerable insight into the story. I firmly feel, that it would have been demeaning to women for the violence to have been sugar coated. The BitTorrent Bundle is a great opportunity to come behind the scenes to see how I get my own back, in a kick ass way.” – Rebecca Da Costa, Actress (Rivka)

The DVD is coming out April 1st, but the BitTorrent Bundle gets you behind-the-scenes look, plus the first seven minutes of the film for free.

“The Bag Man, on the one hand, is a serious and intricate thriller and, on the other hand, has deeply woven comedic elements. Having comedy in the middle of some ultra serious or violent scenes is a fascinating juxtaposition. It also helps provide greater emotional depth to the tension. Our goal is to use BitTorrent Bundle as a way to invite millions of fans, across the internet, to participate and assess the combination in The Bag Man of rational and irrational. The human struggle. To go behind the scenes with us and see close up and personal this riveting and strange tale. A tale that is dreamlike and fierce.” – David Grovic, Director


Check out the Movie On Demand on Amazon and iTunes.

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