Force Majeure: Eddie Izzard Takes On BitTorrent Bundle

The iconic comedian’s first U.S. tour stop is the Internet. We get a first look at unreleased material from the open road.

Eddie Izzard: veteran surrealist, long-lost Python, free-associater, and funny person, stated last year that he’d like to go on tour. As in around the world. As in three languages. As in here. America. As in almost all fifty states. The concept of the world tour is forever-old. But within the current landscape of fractured, niche comedy, it feels especially poignant: the idea of funny as collective, kept in common; something that spreads across borders.

If you say you’re going to play the world, you should really play the world. Comedy works across national frontiers. Releasing Force Majeure as a BitTorrent Bundle allows me to bring the tour to the world beyond the stage.

Eddie Izzard

We’re with Eddie. Laughter is universal (and contagious). It should be. The US leg of the Force Majeure tour kicks off on April 30th. Your all-access pass is here, inside BitTorrent Bundle.

The Force Majeure BitTorrent Bundle features six Eddie Izzard videos, including two unreleased clips from the Force Majeure tour. You’ll also get memes, gifs, photos, plus running routes and a tour poster in case you want to catch Eddie live.

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Eddie Izzard: Force Majeure Tour Dates


30 Apr Washington, DC
01 May Washington, DC
02 May Washington, DC
03 May Philadelphia, PA
04 May Philadelphia, PA
05 May Philadelphia, PA
07 May Newark, NJ
08 May Boston, MA
09 May Boston, MA
10 May Boston, MA
12 May Albany, NY
13 May New York, NY
14 May New York, NY
15 May New York, NY
17 May New York, NY
18 May New York, NY
20 May Baltimore, MD
21 May Raleigh-Durham, NC
22 May Charlotte, NC
23 May Atlanta, GA
24 May Nashville, TN
25 May Memphis, TN
27 May Louisville, KY
28 May Cincinnati, OH
29 May Columbus, OH
30 May Cleveland, OH
31 May Pittsburgh, PA
01 Jun Pittsburgh, PA
03 Jun Detroit, MI
04 Jun Indianapolis, IN
07 Jun Chicago, IL
08 Jun Chicago, IL
09 Jun Chicago, IL
10 Jun Milwaukee, WI
11 Jun Milwaukee, WI
13 Jun Minneapolis, MN
14 Jun Minneapolis, MN
16 Jun Des Moines, MN
17 Jun Omaha, NE
19 Jun St. Louis, MO
20 Jun Kansas City, MO
21 Jun Oklahoma City, OK
22 Jun Tulsa, OK
24 Jun Dallas, TX
25 Jun Dallas, TX
26 Jun Dallas, TX
27 Jun Austin, TX
28 Jun Austin, TX
30 Jun Houston, TX
01 Jul Houston, TX
02 Jul San Antonio, TX

eddie izzard bittorrent bundle

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