BitTorrent Staff Picks – Chadwick Stokes

In this edition of Staff Picks: the Simmerkane II Bundle from songwriter and founding member of Dispatch and State Radio, Chadwick Stokes.  Originally released in 2011, Simmerkane II is a collection of songs inspired by Stokes’ time spent hopping freight trains through the backwoods and small towns of the United States.  Stokes assumes the ever familiar role of painting detailed scenes for listeners with only a few lyrics, providing poignant storylines to accompany catchy choruses on his debut solo effort.

In addition to a beautiful guest vocal appearance from folk-icon and fellow Massachusetts native Carly Simon, Stokes also enlists the support of the incomparable Refugee All Stars of Sierra Leone as his backing band on the three bonus tracks from Simmerkane II deluxe album.

Click below for a free download of the Simmerkane II BitTorrent Bundle and get all ten tracks from the original album, three bonus tracks featuring the Refugee All Stars of Sierra Leone only previously available on the deluxe album, and the music video for the song Crowbar Hotel.

No need to thank us – we know we just made the start of your week that much better.

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