Staff Picks: I Am Waiting For You Last Summer

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In this edition of Staff Picks: Equal parts ambient downtempo and post-rock instrumental anthems.

Russian rock trio I Am Waiting For You Last Summer is influenced by acts varying from This Will Destroy You and 65daysofstatic to M83.  On Flowers Blossom in the Space, the band organically fuses elements from these influences to create a guitar driven electronic sound that would be equally fitting onstage at a sweaty rock club or on an EDM festival mainstage.

The melodic delay-laden guitars of Alex Sokolov and Eugene Popov create ambient frameworks that DJ Lev Nikitin uses to layer and build electronic landscapes.   As the tracks build towards crescendo, Popov and Sokolov’s guitar parts develop into anthemic arena rock as the band rides a line between EDM-infused Muse and post-rock influencers, Explosions in the Sky.

Download the Flowers Blossom in the Space Bundle and get the 5-track EP, a music video and photoset from the band.  Did we mention it’s free?  Make your music collection a bit more worldly and put this Russian band on your radar.

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