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In this edition of FDL: a French singer songwriter standing at the crossroads between folk, rock and reggae.  Quentin Hannappe is part activist, part songwriter – a young voice fighting for equality and freedom.  Easily comparable to contemporary roots-rock acts like Jon Butler Trio and Ben Harper, Hannappe’s real influences lie in the classic roots music of the Caribbean and Africa.

“I wanna be a better man all days, better be tomorrow than I been today, just the fact to try give me peace of mind, I fight to don’t cross the line.”

Hennappe was born into a musical family.  Both of his grandfathers were active musicians in Paris and in his local community.  One of his grandfathers owned a popular Jazz club on the Seine, hosting many popular jazz musicians including Django Reinhardt.  Hennappe’s musical journey began when a childhood friend played him a Bob Marley song for the first time at the age of 12.  After working a series of odd jobs, Hennappe invested in his first guitar, and shortly thereafter released his debut album in 2011.

Quentin is prepping the release of his new album due out in 2014, but has released a new BitTorrent Bundle offering fans a free download of his new single “I Wanna Be” and the new music video for the song.  Click the link below to download the new song from this international songwriter on the rise.

Check out Quentin Hennappe on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube.

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